Saturday, 6 November 2010

White Balane - Camera Settings

During our class session we learnt about white balance, how to use it and how it affects images. Its about setting the correct white balance in your camera, it is important to ensure the objects that are white, are actually displayed white within the photograph. I worked with camera man Yoshito Darmon who taught us the technicalities of cameras.

When the camera shutter is pressed, the camera looks for something white in the scene to use as a point of reference. Even if the other colours in the scene are dominating the white, the balance function will try to adjust that white in the scene to the same degree of white that we see it with our eyes. The remaining colours in the scene are then adjusted proportionate to the white. The result should be a pretty neutral tone image with all colours showing as they should.

After taking a picture some images may come out with an orange, blur, yellow etc. look to them,despite the fact that to the naked eye the scene looked quite normal. The reason for this is that images different sources of light have a different ‘colour’ (or temperature) to them.

We were given a camera and then tested it out and saw the results for our selves.

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