Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Script for DETAINEE - 238

Detainee 238


A black screen is appearing whilst a clock is ticking in the background. We can hear the click of the lights being switched on. Once the lights are switched on the ticking of the clock fades away.

Yahya and Yusuf are sitting on their bed putting their feet into their slippers, camera focus of their feet only and gradually pans upwards to show the children’s face whilst walking.



sshh quick dont wake up mum

Gestures hand movements telling Yusuf to hurry along. Both creep down the stairs



What are we going to do?


You cant tell mum about this okay, you dont want her to be sad again do you, once this letters sent eveything will be okay and dad will be here again so mum doesnt have to be sad all the time.



I don’t like it when mums sad… here you go you can use my pen.


Writes on paper

Dear Barack Obama..


The camera zooms into the clock and a blank screen appears following it. The sound of the light flashing on is heard.



Being a Muslim does not make me a terrorist!



Diegetic sounds of the clock ticking are heard. The camera then zooms out from the living room clock.


i am writing a letter to ask you if you could please release my dad Ahmed. He is innocent and he does not deserve to suffer.. i dont think you should keep my dad in jail because i miss when he used to pick me and my little brother up from school..

EXT. DETENTION CENTRE - MIDDAY Ahmed is gardening and sweeping in the detention centre.




and when he used to read us stories before we went bed. My brother Yusuf hardly remembers what our dad used to be like because his been away from us for so long. My dad used to always make Yusuf drink milk before he used to go to sleep and he used to say it will make Yusuf strong like me and dad, but ever since his left Yusuf hasnt been drinking his milk, and my mums always too upset to remember to give it to him. I think my dad deserves to be here at home, please will you release him.. Thankyou.


Yusuf and Yahya go to bed. You can hear the sounds of the clock ticking in the background. The screen fades to black.


Barack Obama is sitting down on his chair with a letter in his hand. He is reading through the letter. His P.A walks in.


They’re ready for you now sir.

Barack Obama leaves the letter on the edge of the table and as he is walking in a rush the letter accidently falls on the floor near the ‘junk mail’ box. The cleaner then comes in and automatically thinks that the letter belongs to the junk mail pile and takes out the bin.


Ahmed opens up the bin and shreds junk letters and papers. A letter slips out the bag and falls on the floor. Ahmed picks it up and his eyes click to a word on the letter that says his name on it. He instantly takes a further look at the letter just to assure himself it’s not a letter about him. The letter he picks up is the letter his son sent to Barack Obama.


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Film Review - Boy (2008)

The opening scence of this film speaks for itself through the actions of the characters init. The main character Ed, who is the father is sat at a table with a mug, behind his wife and son go about their daily routines, however he is zoned out and in his own world. Everything happening behind him has no affect on him. His facial expressions give eveidence, that he seems to be troubled by something.

Ed's character could be said to be mysterious as he does not speak in the first few scenes. He sits puzzled in in the beginning however he is potrayed to be a a simple and normal character as he goes about his own business which is drinking his tea, leaving home to work, getting on public transport and back. His lifestyle is shown to be basic day-to-day routines despite this, actions such as sighing as he looks out the window of his shed once again show he has something on his mind. This then builds up suspense for the audience as they would want to know whats bothering him but nothing is revealed until later on.

The structure of the film is sequential as everything happens in order. The climax of the film very much near the end although the roots of his problems are partially exposed in the first half of them film.

The complications of this drama rises from battle of a middle-aged man's desire and how to cope with his unwanted sexual feelings towards a 12 year-old-boy, this creates a dramatic conflict between the characters and a greater battle within the main character himself. To challenge conventions the director has used alot more actions than usual drama's than actual dialogue, this lets the actions speak for the characters.

The film ending is emotional and open ended as after the climax of the film he comes home, still stuggling with himself as he goes back into his shed at home, he beings to cry and what happens or could happen next is unknown.

No editing is used in the film also throughout the film the sound is digetic, this adds to the realism of the drama.
The lighting used at home is very dull, the lights are hardly switched on at home similar to the facial expressions and the emotions of the main character.
Everything on the scene throughout the film is there to show a normal life of a person, all the furniture at home is basic things which a house will include nothing extra is used. Similar to what is the audiences perspective of the main character at the beginning - a normal, simple working father.
The camera shot used in the film is mainly a 'Follow shot'. This is when the camera follows the subject at action. The following distance is usually kept more or less constant.