Monday, 29 November 2010


As part of our production we created an opening title for our film. Each member of the group was appointed different tasks to share the work load of getting the animatic and opening title done to allow us to work efficiently within set time.
I was given the task to create the animation for the main leaf which would come on the end of our opening title. I used the flash software which we were taught to create animations with to this task. We were assisted by Trevor davis, the professional animator who gave us hints and tips on how to animate like a pro. Once I got the hang of creating the leaf I had found the task rather easy and enjoyable.
Other members of the group had to create the autumn tree and another who had to animate leaves that blew with the wind.

After making the animation, we worked to create the animatic from the story board. We used iMovie to create it, the software allowed us to add the pictures from the story board, then add transitions and sound affects which relate to the scene. I then uploaded the clip to YouTube from which i was able to gain an embed code.
After looking at the work being produced by us, it excites me to see the final product.

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