Monday, 13 September 2010


Today during lesson time we partially planned our production. To do this we had to name our company, have a logo plan for our company, decide on the genre our group was working with, to understand that our 5 minute video should entertain and appeal to the teenage audience, plan a rough treatment and assign roles to each member of the group.

The name of our company is called 'Toilet Pictures' and our logo is most likely going to have lightning passing through a lavatory with the company name below it and as the flush on the toilet flushes the lighting wipes out the whole screen.

The genre we have picked for our video is 'Drama'.

I believe our genre will appeal and entertain the teenage audience as the story which is being told throughout the video is very common in most south asian families and it occurs to girls in their teen years and impacts thier lives severly.

Basic Rundown of our Story: It is about a traditional south asian father who has a high status in his cultural and religious socitey who must do all he can do to uphold his family hononur. South asian families 'izzat' (honour) is what many tradtional asians believe their foundations are built upon, and without this they are nothing, and to do this their children and other family members must abide by the rules and regulations which have been taken out of context from religious and traditional beliefs and values. To this day this kind of custom still lives on and impacts lives of many western people who come from these ethnic and religious background.

In this story the time has come to get his daughter married and he believes it his duty to find her a husband who fits into his class of ideal son-in-laws. However his daughter has found her own love and is going out with him behind her parents back, this is forbidden in her custom and her parents are not happy when they find out, her father espeacially has something to say about this. Family problems and rows at home drive her away from home and she ends up running away.

The entire video will be shown as a flashback whilst she is packin her bags to leave home, diffrent camera angles and lighting will be used to emphasize diffrent scenes.

The Roles in the groups:

Creative Director: Me (Shahnaz Khatun)
Script Writer: Me (Shahnaz Khatun)
Story Board:
Prop Manager:
Location Manager: Habiba Parvin
Actor/Scout Manager:

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