Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Further Production Planning

During the past few lessons as part of our production, after much discussion we as a group have decided to change the story line of our film and also have made adjustments to our logo.

The name of our company is now called 'Silverline Productions', this title evolves into the screen in glowing letters. The font used will be Mistral, the font size will be 72 and of white colour. On the left hand side of the screen will stand an autumn tree, the leaves of the tree fall and scatter as a gush of wind blows past and one the leaves slams onto the screen, and its veins read 'Silverline Productions'.

The genre is still the same which is drama.

I believe our genre will appeal and entertain to all audiences as the story which is being told throughout the video is or could be something which has hapned to many others. This will help young teenagers to contemplate and appreciate life as well as putting a message across to people with more power that these things go unheard and have affect on people and take a massive toll on their lives.

The new story is based on the life of an innocent Muslim father and his children. The father has been imprisoned for several years on the suspicion of acts of Terrorism but has not been proven guilty. The life of the father is shown as well as his children and how they are feeling without a fatherly figure at home. The mothers emotional distress is revealed in the childs letter to the president to release his father.

The idea of the story was taken from a South London man who is a detainee at Guanatanamo Bay, who's name is Shaker Aamer and has been at this detention camp without charge or trial since 2001. In his last heavily censored letters home Shaker asked for the right to die. The videos of this man and others which are posted on Youtube and other broadcasting sites are very emotional and moving. It gathers the whole world to witness injustice and from whats said it is still evident that nothing is being done about it by higher officials.

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