Friday, 18 February 2011


V/O: He was just an ordinary man, a husband, a father AND a Muslim.

Can hear children laughing and swings squeaking

Jail gates shutting

While voice over saying:
‘Just because I’m a Muslim, doesn’t make me a terrorist’
Music starts playing

While the music is playing, voice over:
Of the child reading out some bits of the letter:

Music is slightly fading, while letter is being read out:
‘I am writing a letter to ask you if you could please release my dad Ahmed. He is innocent and he does not deserve to suffer…’

Fades out and a new sentence is said
‘…He’s been away from us for so long’ (Soft sniffing sound is heard)

Fades out and a new sentence is said
‘…Dad deserves to be here at home’

Music is still continued playing, but slowly fading away.

V/O: Detainee 238! Coming soon!
SFX: Jail gates shutting

___ = Main Actor
___ = Narrator
___ = Child
___ = SFX

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