Friday, 7 January 2011


The poster I have chosen is of a 2010 drama based on a novel. I believe it to close my ideal poster as our film is dramatic the poster itself has a visual sense of heartache and sorrow similar to the story line of our film. And our ideal poster would be something similar, dramatic picture and colours which match the emotional sense trying to be portrayed to the audience to give them a slight understand of what the film is about.

The image used in the poster matches the title. The image itself tells a story as well the angle in which it was taken and I believe this would attract the audience.

The similarity in movie posters would be the title that would in most cases be bold and stand out and an image or two, which contribute to the story line. This makes the poster eye-catching.

The film title is placed at the top of the poster; the image begins from the bottom to the middle. The image is a long shot of a two people running. The colour of the poster is very dull and the poster is clear and simple which adds to the dramatic sense trying to be portrayed. There is no extra writing.

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