Sunday, 3 October 2010

Film Review - Boy (2008)

The opening scence of this film speaks for itself through the actions of the characters init. The main character Ed, who is the father is sat at a table with a mug, behind his wife and son go about their daily routines, however he is zoned out and in his own world. Everything happening behind him has no affect on him. His facial expressions give eveidence, that he seems to be troubled by something.

Ed's character could be said to be mysterious as he does not speak in the first few scenes. He sits puzzled in in the beginning however he is potrayed to be a a simple and normal character as he goes about his own business which is drinking his tea, leaving home to work, getting on public transport and back. His lifestyle is shown to be basic day-to-day routines despite this, actions such as sighing as he looks out the window of his shed once again show he has something on his mind. This then builds up suspense for the audience as they would want to know whats bothering him but nothing is revealed until later on.

The structure of the film is sequential as everything happens in order. The climax of the film very much near the end although the roots of his problems are partially exposed in the first half of them film.

The complications of this drama rises from battle of a middle-aged man's desire and how to cope with his unwanted sexual feelings towards a 12 year-old-boy, this creates a dramatic conflict between the characters and a greater battle within the main character himself. To challenge conventions the director has used alot more actions than usual drama's than actual dialogue, this lets the actions speak for the characters.

The film ending is emotional and open ended as after the climax of the film he comes home, still stuggling with himself as he goes back into his shed at home, he beings to cry and what happens or could happen next is unknown.

No editing is used in the film also throughout the film the sound is digetic, this adds to the realism of the drama.
The lighting used at home is very dull, the lights are hardly switched on at home similar to the facial expressions and the emotions of the main character.
Everything on the scene throughout the film is there to show a normal life of a person, all the furniture at home is basic things which a house will include nothing extra is used. Similar to what is the audiences perspective of the main character at the beginning - a normal, simple working father.
The camera shot used in the film is mainly a 'Follow shot'. This is when the camera follows the subject at action. The following distance is usually kept more or less constant.

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