Wednesday, 23 June 2010


We had a session with 2 photographers who are involved in a competition in photography. We were given an introduction to photgraphy and they then told us about camera techniques on a camera, they also showed us a variety of pictures which could be interpreted in different ways. Through this session I had learnt basic functions of a camera, such as Focus which is the adjustment that is made to bring the desired area or the desired part to the sharpest point possible. This is usually done manually, but this is also done automatically in some latest digital cameras. I also learnt how to use the macro function on a camera which allowed me to take close up and defined pictures which looked professional and did not blur the picture due to being in close proximity to the camera. We were then each assigned to a camera and were given a task to take a picture which told a story or had a meaning to it.

The second session we had regarding the photography completion involved the photographers showing us where different students were either making mistakes or where there is room for improvements. These were things such as the reason behind why one took a specific picture, or cutting the feet out if it was a portrait picture etc. We then took these ideas into consideration and went out for a second time to overcome these barriers to produce some high-quality photographs.

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