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This is the poster we would use to advertise our film, as we believe it has the potential to make a powerful statement and also allow the audience to understand what the film has in store for them.

The above two posters were also considered as we believe them to also have potential to be attractive to our audience however the first one being most powerful was chosen to be our main poster


238TrailerFinal by mediamate

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions or real media products?

2. How effective is the main product and ancillary texts?

The three products which we have created are closely interconnected. The poster we have made would be used to communicate visually about what the film has to offer. This could be used as part advertisement of our film if we were to hit the silver screen.

The poster is made up digital images which have been edited though a software called Picasa 3 and Photo Filtre. Both the main character and his children have been used together to show the story through the images.

The colours used in our poster have been purposefully used in order to make that essential link with the story line and the character within it. Together with this the colours have been used to create a certain mood, and that is the emotional drama our story is. The poster being dull and mostly using the colour black and orange connotes the Guantanamo bay Detainees. This in all then implies that the story is supposed to be a sad and emotional one which then relates to our genre, Drama, a serious film and this in all helps the audience to associate these factors together to help understand what is happening. I used the font ‘OCR A Extended’ and 'Stencil', for our film title on the poster and included the phrase ‘He was just an ordinary man, a husband, a father AND a Muslim’ , we have used the same phrase in the beginning of our radio trailer this creates the link between the two productions. This then became our tagline.

I created 3 posters, with similar and diverse pictures; the reason we have decided to put all up all 3 is due to believing that all 3 have certain strengths.

The 1st one is of just the children and the father in between; itself is a very strong yet simple poster. Having the adult male in the forefront and the kids in the background, will raise people curiosity as they will ponder why the layout is the way it is. Questions may arise such as why has he got handcuffs on? Why are there two children on either side? This then makes the audience probing to understand why the images shown have been shown. The bond between the father and his children can be easily identified, and the audience can empathise with the characters in the film and then have an idea of the film.

The 2nd and 3rd posters are a lot busier than the 1st. It has a lot more pictures but this helps understand what the main character is doing, and all three poster use a multi-exposure effect which is layering the pictures together.

What also helps makes my poster to be effective and helps reel in our audience is by having our main actor praying in the one of the images on the poster, anyone who also does this ordinary everyday action could apply this to themselves or anyone they know. They therefore may become concerned for this person, and engage with the film.

When recording our Radio Trailer we used the Digital Editing Suite, this then allowed us to use Logic Pro and a microphone. To find the right audio clips for our trailer we used some from iMovie. These were clips such as the sound of the clock ticking and wind we also used a website called which let use save more complex music such as the presidents theme song. We also had a voiceover at the end which says ‘Detainee 238! Coming Soon!’. This adds to the excitement which the mood in the voice is trying to create and also having the audience anticipate for our film by having them wait for the screening. The ways in which I think the radio trailer is effective is by having the entire trailer at a fast pace, and the music also conveys certain messages to, as by the type of music played, can the audience understand what is happening.

Both the production of the poster and trailer are effective as they support each other and the film itself. It also has the proficiency to speak to large audience as a radio trailer could only be played on the radio. However a poster could be put up outside on the roads or in reading materials were the public can see this display.

All in all both these ancillary texts have the potential to be equally effective and be a profit to the film due to having a strong connection with all the media products.

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?